MIDWATER are an EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) Company providing comprehensive solutions for Water, Wastewater & Environmental Technologies Business.

Whether you are anticipating to have a New Water (and/ or) Wastewater Plant or rather Re-engineering/Upgrading/ Refurbishing an Existing plants, Operation & Maintenance Solutions, Chlorination, Spare Parts or Chemical Supplies; MIDWATER ARE PROUDLY THERE FOR YOU!

Areas of Applications

Municipalities; Food Industries, Pharmaceutical, Oil Fields, Petrochemicals, Power Plants, Rural Areas, Resorts & Tourism, Marine, Camps, Pumping Stations, Army Fields, Airports, Ports, Reverse Osmosis (RO), Chlorination, Chemical supplies for plants, spare parts supplies, Operations & Maintenance, training, … and etc.

Company Organization

Midwater dedicates great attention to the selection of every individual in the company family. Therefore since establishment, we have acquired the most qualified and well experienced working staff in the market. Our Staff, besides the Key Directors, involve engineers, chemists, technicians and skilled labors. All gained their technical skills and capabilities throughout their long professional & practical experience accumulated during serving in major international water and wastewater treatment organizations.

Why Midwater ?

The secret behind Midwater success is due to the following pillars:

  • Key Directors have gained accumulated professional experience in Water Business summing more than sixty Years of work with Multinational companies in Egypt and the region.
  • Midwater Provides a Broad Range of Services, Supplies, Components and Accessories, besides wide range of customized offered solutions (One Stop Shop for all kinds of needed water & wastewater business solutions).
  • We help our clients to reach the most possible optimum design, best technologies and operation techniques for fulfilling their requirements to reach:
    • The best investment cost for the project, meeting their real & essential requirements.
    • The best choice for saving the operation and after sales cost; thanks to Midwater high qualifications of operation techniques and qualification of skilled technicians.
  • We are proud to provide effective after sales support and trouble shooting.
  • When needed we also offer turnkey solutions including civil works and relevant requirements.
  • Midwater care for every single detail from A to Z.

Company pre-qualification