Preventive Maintenance; Our service helps you avoid problems by putting your water treating equipment on a regular service schedule like: (Annual or multi-year contracts; Quarterly, monthly, or other periodic visits; Preventive maintenance for equipment supplied by us or by any other water treatment system provider.

MIDWATER preventive maintenance service typically include:

  • Replacement of all expendables including: (Filters Cartridges, UV Bulbs, Filtration Media).
  • Feed water Chemistries - Test and Record (pH, Chlorine, Hardness, Conductivity).
  • Reverse Osmosis System (Check and log RO parameters , Monitor Equip.).
  • Calibration.
  • Mechanical checks on all equipment and components.

MIDWATER Special Services as required by contract:

  • RO Membrane replacement.
  • Media Rebed - Resin, Carbon.
  • RO cleaning.
  • Sanitization.

MIDWATER Preventive Maintenance Service for All Types of Equipment, including:

  • Water filtration systems/equipment.
  • Water softeners.
  • Dealkalizers.
  • Demineralizers.
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems.
  • Ultra Pure Water systems (UHP).
  • IX Analysis - Ion Exchange Resin Analysis.

MIDWATER provides ion exchange resin analysis for ion exchange resins used in the treatment of water. An IX analysis can be done on the resin media in any water softener, deionizer or other water treatment equipment using ion exchange resins. Annual resin analysis helps a user of commercial / industrial water treatment equipment to maintain efficient performance, prevent major problems and budget for upcoming purchases. Ion exchange resin sample analysis is offered to all Res-Kem customers in the United States. Resin analysis can be performed on any manufacturer's ion exchange resin.

Your resin sample is analyzed for its:

  • Chemical properties - the capacity of the resin to remove ions.
  • Physical properties - the percentage of whole, cracked, and broken resin beads.
  • Mix - the percentage of cations and anions.
  • Regeneration Efficiency (if applicable).
  • Organic Fouling (if applicable).